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SWTOR Golden Fury Makeb operation boss guide

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Posted 09 April 2013 - 12:09 AM

A guide to defeating Golden Fury, a new operation/world boss guide on Makeb

Getting to Golden Fury

Golden Fury is inside an instance in Hutt Strongholds. Republic players will be more familiar with this area since this is a Republic questing area. This is a (8m/16m) operation boss with weekly lockout that reset on Tuesday morning. There are separate lockouts for storymode and hard/nightmare.



General Info

Storymode can be done by L55 players in Dread Guard (recommended gear rating is 156). The loot is rather underwhelming.

  • Health: 1.42 million
  • Group composition: 8m or 16m. You will need two tanks due to tank swapping mechanic.
  • Loot: 3 orange items, 4 Elite Commendations. The orange items are L53 with blue 66 mods.


Minor Furies

There are Minor Furies on either side of Golden Fury that can be pulled separately and killed before you engage the boss. Make sure you do not walk too close to the Shield Pylons as that will aggro the boss.



Before we get to the nitty gritty details of the boss mechanics, here is a basic mockup of the Golden Fury instance.


  • “Carpet Bomb”: This attack will basically carpet the entire instance from the entrance all the way to the Golden Fury boss, forcing the raid to stand on either sides of the Golden Fury . The dotted line on the map is where the carpet bomb roughly stops. Tanks have a little room to get in front of the boss and tank him there.


  • Berserker Droids: These guys have around 40k HP and come in groups of 3-4. They will come after every “Carpet Bomb” and head to your raid from the entrance. Offtank will need to grab them while DPS switch targets to kill them.


  • Energy Burst: From time to time, Golden Fury will cast Energy Burst on the tank. This is a 3.0 second cast and places a giant red circle on the tank. Tank will need to move away from Golden Fury when this attack happens. If the tank doesn’t move away from Golden Fury, the attack will detonate the weapon caches stored behind Golden Fury, killing everyone nearby.


  • Isotope-5 Exposure After every Energy Burst, the tank receiving the attack will get 1 stack of a debuff called Isotope-5 Exposure. This increases the damage the tank takes from Golden Fury. We typically do a tank swap after 1 stack and have the other tank come tank Golden Fury while the tank with the debuff run to the Shield Pylon and clear the debuff.


  • Isotope 5 Charge: This is a buff that the shield pylons get everytime a tank runs to them to cleanse their debuff. It appears that once a pylon reaches 3 stacks of this buff, Golden Fury becomes immune to damage and you will need to attack the two shield pylons to damage Golden Fury again. It might be beneficial to use both pylons rather than just closest pylon so one pylon doesn’t get to 3 stacks of this buff quickly. 


  • Missile Strike: Fairly infrequent attack, one member of the raid will get a red circle on top of them and will need to get away from rest of the raid. On storymode this hits for about 10k.


  • Focused Fire: Random attack on one member of the raid for around ~10k damage.

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